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Stay tuned for details om Student Entrepreneur competition and seed capital prizes.

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Want the opportunity meet and hang out with other members of our Bradenton & Sarasota Business, Tech and Education communities? Come introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you. No agendas. Just great people, food, conversation, and fun.



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Tech Geeks, Social Gurus, Entrepreneurs, Life Hackers, Makers, Inventors, Robotic Enthusiasts, Drone Pilots and come together for DaVinci’s Faire & BarCamp!




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BarCamp - Where cool stuff comes to Life

Life hackers, Makers, Inventors, Robotic enthusiasts, and Science and Engineering exhibitors bring the Internet of Things (IOT) to life. Use special registration to have your own space.



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BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton

You may find that BarCamp attendees keep coming back for more. Why? We are dedicated to moving ourselves, our businesses and our local region’s best and brightest into a new era of leadership in Florida. We inspire connections and encourage sharing in business, technology, funding, education, design and other local industries.

We do this because we believe a community based on awesomeness helps everyone find solutions to challenges in business, or whatever it is that they do. There’s truly something here for everyone.

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BarCamp Afterhours

No agendas…just great conversation and with creative, smart and talented folks from around the area. If you have joined us before, you know I just described you. If you haven’t, now you know why you should show up.

Network and Learn

With open networking events focused on building strong community connections with practical business and technology topics directed toward entrepreneurs. This rich social environment attracts investors and seasoned entrepreneurs, creating a climate ripe for economic development.

BarCamp Unconference

Every attendee – no matter how old or young – has a story to tell and a particular expertise. During an Unconference, the schedule is created the day of the event with content created and delivered by attendees through a variety of formats. Come prepared to learn and share as we all grow together.

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