Building Connection for Social Good

Clear and meaningful connection is so important to our ability to succeed in our goals, and to aspire to accomplish the unthinkable. To succeed we need to believe in ourselves, but even more importantly than that, we need others to believe in us. That belief is the difference between an idea that is realized, and one that stalls out. The technologies that now connect us ensure that we are more connected than we ever have been. But social media interfaces aren’t by themselves designed to build deep and powerful relationships between people. They don’t always inspire us to think creatively, or challenge us to be bigger than ourselves, or make us feel less alone. This session will host a conversation about how we can build powerful connections between people to support innovation and positive change.

Eleanor Hall is founder and Executive Director of Connected Potential, a web-driven service that provides young adults with the advice, resources, and personal/professional connections needed to implement the social change projects that energize and inspire them. Eleanor Hall initiated her career in higher education, first working with students one-on-one as an advisor, then working at the national level on higher education policy issues related to student civic engagement and learning for globally responsible citizenship. Her work in this area has connected her with the leadership of a number of colleges, universities, and national organizations dedicated to increasing engagement and agency among students and young adults. Her interest is in engaging young adults in personal and professional development to help them meet their full potential and change the world around them.