Earning Your Wings on Twitter

Generally in doing BAR camps in the past I try to have people sit in a circle so we can round table the discussion. I do not sell, I do not promote, my success in camps is to get people to have that “aha moment” by dispelling any discomfort they have in using Twitter. I have enjoyed tremendous success in my own business with Twitter & my mission is to get others to leave a session knowing they can do this easily with the tricks I use that have worked for me. The session of my dreams is to reduce the Twitter bird to a little lightweight creature perched on the shoulders of those who attend as they leave and not a blue version of Big Bird.

I always ask attendees what is working for them and what is not and we discuss the whys and why nots. I find that once a great interactive conversation begins we all open our minds to learning new things because I am always open to leaving a session I mentor with new knowledge myself.

I feel many people have a misconception about Twitter and that is why I chose the topic title – I will talk about management tools to make their Twitter lives easier, and why I rarely ever open twitter.com and how I manage my Twitter life from my smart phone and ipad.

Carole Sanek is known in social media circles nationwide as The Butterfly. Carole began her career in social media in blogging, and currently maintains 3 blogs of her own and blogs for two other people. She is a free-lance writer and has been published in “The Georgia Travel Guide” and “Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, where she is the Director of Social Media marketing. Carole was named 1 of 23 Best Breast Cancer Blogs in 2012 by www.healthline.com and Carole is a 20 year thriver after breast cancer.

Carole manages and monitors social media for clients through her business The Social Butterfly Media Marketing and understands first-hand how important a good understanding of the inner workings of social media PR is to grow in business.

Carole has been a mentor/speaker for the past 3 years at the REBar Camp Orlando for the Florida Realtor’s Association, and a mentor/speaker at REBar Camp in Boca Raton in 2011 for the Realtor’s Association of West Palm Beach. Carole tells her audiences everywhere she speaks that her favorite public appearance was as a contestant on “The Wheel of Fortune” where she learned the importance of picking the right letters and thinking on her feet when we all got our news via the television and not online.