Google’s first int’l web conference, known as Education on Air, has been recorded and is now available on-demand. The completely virtual conference convened some 43,000 educators from 12 different countries over the course of two days. Sessions are full of information to help educators understand how to use Google’s devices, services, and apps, and how these relate and benefit educational goals.

Google’s chief education evangelist Jaime Casap emphasizes that technology in the classroom is a means to an end and not the end itself. “Google would be involved education whether we liked it or not,” Casap says. “Part of our mission now is to do our best to make sure our tools are being utilized in the best way possible.” Even LeVar Burton, known for Reading Rainbow and acting on Star Trek’s Next Generation, makes an appearance with his take on education and its relation to technology.Google’s first int’l web conference, known as Education on Air

Though the sessions in the conference focus on education, they are useful for any Google user that wants to know how to best leverage these technologies. So, if you’re an educator, parent, student, or business/tech/home user, you’ll find great topics of interest at your fingertips. Check social media for the hashtag #GoogleEduOnAir for even more resources and opinions.

Shake Up Learning , the presenter for the Google Apps for the iPad session, provides some resources to accompany their presentation and you can find them here: Shake Up Learning


Link to On-Demand Sessions: Education on Air