Global Entrepreneurship Week

It’s been a whirlwind of a month traveling Florida and meeting with entrepreneurs, investors and leaders across the economic development sector.

What started out last year as just another good idea – let’s cancel our Fall Conference and focus on connecting the work across Florida in this entrepreneurial space – let’s see if working together during this internationally promoted Global Entrepreneurship Week we could really build and deepen the collaborative efforts of leaders and overcome the faulty perceptions of our state as simply a place to vacation or retire. Could this be possible? Would people really care? Were the potential rewards worth the amount of work it would take?

On day three of GEW and what we have called The Florida Tour, I believe the answer is resoundingly YES.

The journey, as with any entrepreneurial venture, was not at all as we expected. It was more difficult than we had anticipated and took much more time than allotted. Typical! However, what we discovered along the way was more than we could have hoped for.

So looking ahead…

November 2014 will be eMonth – a month of activities centered on fostering entrepreneurship. Spark Growth will be collecting information on events from across Florida in general. We will work with leaders across the state to develop and promote an anchor event in each highlighted region. Additionally during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 we will facilitate collaboration for the development of an exceptional week of events across the state. We will continue to reach out for great stories on Florida entrepreneurs and about Florida overall as a place to start and grow a business.

Working together, we believe the sum total of what we do together will far exceed any of us individuals and set a foundation for development and a standard by which communities will interact for economic transformation.

So join us this week on The Florida Tour, mark your calendars for eMonth 2014, and let us know how you will want to be a part of making this all happen.