Fostering Innovation – Institutes and Think Tanks

How can we foster more innovation in the small business arena that is packed with passionate technicians who are fighting a fierce battle with the “tyranny of the immediate” and the limited time, money and effort they can apply to an ever changing and complex business landscape? To that end, I am I am developing and currently launching educational and project oriented resources in the form of an innovation institute and regional innovation think tanks for small business owners. Session is to share ideas and constructs for fostering innovation in the midst of real world constraints.

Hi all! I’m an independent business consultant, Founder of Strategic Account Management Solutions, Inc. and currently launching a new Institute for Innovation Development. My years of practical experience and constant learning have led to a strong belief, passion and advocation for strategic thinking, innovation and strategic account management as a nexus of business forces for 21st century success.

Considering myself a “student of human nature”, I love working with senior executives and professional teams. I have been told that I am most known for my enthusiasm, creativity and resourcefulness. I am married, with two grown children (and new grandson!), living in northern Pinellas County. Enjoyments include reading, conversation, bicycling, spelunking and traveling with my family.
Little known facts: I worked on the last remaining docks of NYC as an underage teen, worked for the man in Hong Kong that the book Tai-Pan was based on, and constantly seek out off-off-off broadway experimental plays, performance art and modern art museums.