Jer O'connerJer is a modern day renaissance man, from teaching Black & White Photography and serving on boards of directors, to retail banking and efficiency consulting, to building computers and watching college football (Go Noles!), he pursues a wide range of interests with great zeal. Always looking for something else to learn drives him to try new things, experience new places, and make new friends. One of his favorite quotes is from Dr. Timothy Leary, “My favorite three words are, ‘I don’t know,’ because every time I say them, I end up learning something.”

At Florida State University, Jer earned a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, with a number of minors including Psychology, Religion, and Humanities. Toward the end of an eight year stint in banking, he attended Regis University, a Jesuit college, and graduated with his Master of Business Administration with Honors. This led to starting a SMB consulting firm, running analysis for sell-side mergers and acquisitions, and co-founding BarCamp Sarasota, which strives to create an open forum focused on technology, education, and economic development.

Currently, he is the Credit Overlord and Business Analyst at Integraclick, LLC, an internet marketing management company, and studying for the Certified Treasury Professional exam.