Lunch and Learn – The American Dream: It’s Still Possible – April 19th 2013

Join us for our April Lunch and Learn when we welcome Austin and Zach Hurst:

“American Dream… anyone, in any position, can accomplish anything they want in this country… even if you start with no experience in the field and zero dollars. It’s about surrounding yourself with people more successful than you and motivating them to help you accomplish what you are working for.

This can be best illustrated from our pursuit of Hostess.”

Austin Hurst is a serial entrepreneur and web consultant. Austin got his start before he was even a teenager selling products on eBay. Through his teens, Austin co-founded several successful businesses in the web design, marketing and web hosting arenas. In 2005, he co-created an online video platform which once ranked 5th amongst “YouTube like” sites, was the first ever web service to convert video on the fly and was the first user-generated video website to send video directly to mobile phones. The site supported over six million unique users in its first four months online, making it one of the fastest growing websites of all time. For the past 11 years Austin has also run his own advertising agency called Dominant Design Group. The agency has completed work for dozens of Fortune 1000 companies and is still run under Austin’s creative direction today. His most recent venture CloudVDI, LLC designed and developed a GPU driven / Auto Provisioning DaaS Platform for Enterprise business which provides its services non-exclusively to a leading Fortune 100 company. Presently Austin operates as one of the founding members at Hurst Capital, LLLP and has angel investments in several ventures and patented technologies which span a wide array of industries.

Zach Hurst, like his fraternal twin brother Austin, is a serial entrepreneur and web consultant. Zach grew up working with Austin on all of his ventures spanning the web design, marketing and web hosting arenas. In 2005, Zach conceptualized the service and was on the founding team. Always working side by side his brother, Zach followed Austin to NexBoom where together they worked in six industries which include digital marketing, telecommunications, health insurance, consumer products, original device manufacturing, cloud computing and digital commerce. The culmination of these experiences put Zach on track to become an investor in CloudVDI, LLC with Austin. Presently CloudVDI is a profitable entity based out of Tampa, Florida. Zach in addition to Austin is an advisor to several companies including, but not limited to, TwtMob which creates a marketplace where brands can instantly engage with major celebrities as well as niche community influencers to spread “micro-endorsements” through Twitter conversations – reaching in excess of 20 million users a day.

More information on the Hostess deal can be found here

is located at:

Broadway Bar
1001 Cocoanut Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34236

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