Electronic Pickpocketing – How it’s done and how to prevent it

Join BarCamp Sarasota and Walt Augustinowicz, Identity StrongholdWalt Augustinowicz

Hundreds of millions of new credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, passports, transit cards, and others are now being embedded with a tiny two way radio chip called RFID that is supposed to make the cards easier to use.  The benefits are yet to be realized, but the radio chip has made it easier for electronic thieves to steal from you.  Watch a live demonstration of how, with easily obtainable equipment, your credit card number can be lifted from your wallet without ever having a thief touch it.  Also Walt will explain how the technology works and how you can prevent it.  Please bring your inquisitive mind as Walt loves to give detailed answers to your questions.

Walt Augustinowicz is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) industry thought-leader, consumer advocate and founder of Identity Stronghold an Englewood, Florida base company.

Identity Stronghold is the leading provider of RFID Secure Sleeves® and Secure Badgeholders® to the U.S. government, and offers a full line of RFID shielding consumer products such as purses and wallets.

Augustinowicz is best known for taking on the major credit card companies over the issue of “electronic pickpocketing,” a term used to describe the high-tech ways in which criminals use radio waves, smart phones, compact computers and point-of-sale card readers to steal identities and confidential financial information remotely. He is also credited with coining the phrase “electronic pickpocketing” during an interview with WREG’s consumer reporter Scott Knoll on the streets of Memphis. Video of the station’s news report received over one million views within a few days of its posting and 12 million more views in the last year. Augustinowicz has toured the country, visiting with more than 50 media outlets and demonstrated the ease of electronic pickpocketing and the risks involved with RFID technology nationwide.

Despite Augustinowicz’s demonstration of electronic pickpocketing to millions of viewers around the globe, the credit card companies have issued several versions of written denials and explanations in response. Other industry experts, including law enforcement officials and professors at major collegiate institutions have supported his claims that “electronic pickpocketing” is a real and present threat. Augustinowicz has been a guest on Fox News many times, featured on Anderson Cooper,featured on a Discovery Channel show, appeared on Inside Edition as well as local stations such as Tampa’s Fox 13 and WTSP, and Sarasota’s ABC 7.

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