BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton has been using alternative currencies for sponsorships and conference goods and services for about 3 years. In fact some of most involved sponsors have come through these relationships. So what is this anyway…?

There was a day when if I wanted to purchase your wagon I would have to give you my cow. However if you didn’t want my cow, I would have to think of what else of value I might provide for you or I might have to find someone else with a wagon for sale.

So along came currency. Currency came in the form of coins made of gold, silver, copper etc that in of themselves had value. So now I could get me wagon for the appropriate amount of “Change.”

However change was heavy so…. And on it goes until today we exchange goods and services many times without any tangible sign of an interaction.

Welcome an old fashioned concept with a new application. Barter. Learn how to keep your “cash” in your pocket and still exchange goods and services.

Kevin Daly

Kevin Daly of NuBarter

Kevin Daly is Co-owner of NuBarter –Sarasota. Kevin was born in Newark, New Jersey and moved to Sarasota in 1994 to help launch a start-up company that manufactured GPS systems for Golf carts. He helped move this company out of the garage in Siesta Key and grow to over 60 employees and over 400 clients nationwide.

In 2003 Kevin took a position with Cendant Corporation as Director of Franchise Development for their Jackson Hewitt Brand. Kevin was responsible for all east coast U.S. Development of new sale franchise start- ups, franchisee expansions, conversions and acquisitions. He worked with the franchisees to analyze office procedures and operations including accounting, budgets and new methods to improve efficiency of workflow.

In his 6 years with Cendant he was awarded Director of the year 5 times and sold over 200 franchises. In 2010 Kevin became co-owner of NuBarter – Sarasota and is responsible for Sales and Development. Since then, NuBarter-Sarasota has more than tripled in size. In 2012, Kevin was elected to the International Reciprocal Trade Association Ethics Committee. Kevin understands how important cash flow is for any size business and truly believes that the use of alternative currencies will make business more profitable.

Time: 11:30 AM – 1:15 PM



at 3005 University Parkway, Sarasota


NOT THE  Broadway Bar
1001 Cocoanut Avenue