Spring 2018

8:15AM – 5PM

DaVinci’s Faire

Manatee Technical College

Bradenton, Florida

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Tech Geeks, Social Gurus, Entrepreneurs, Life Hackers, Makers, Inventors, Robotic Enthusiasts, Drone Pilots and come together for DaVinci’s Faire & BarCamp!



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BarCamp - Where cool stuff comes to Life

Life hackers, Makers, Inventors, Robotic enthusiasts, and Science and Engineering exhibitors bring the Internet of Things (IOT) to life. Use special registration to have your own space.



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Welcome to

DaVinci’s Faire and BarCamp of Sarasota-Bradenton

Leveraging NOW for the best possible future.

Welcome to our community of passionate learners, entrepreneurs, creatives and brilliant disruptors.

We firmly believe we are living in a new renaissance, one which combines science and technology, art, community and passion.

Here you will be challenged to create the future you desire.

We are on a mission to elevate our communities best and brightest into a new era of success.

With us you will find continuous opportunities for connections in business, technology, funding, education, design and more.

What do you have to do? Show up, pay attention and engage. There is truly something here for everyone.

DaVinci’s Faire is a day that our community’s coolest innovators can showcase what they are working on. The day is filled with displays and hands on activities by makers, innovators, robotic enthusiasts, engineers, designers and much more. You’ll hear talks from scientists, engineers, authors, artists, students and others.

Microsoft fills the café with Kinect gaming opportunities, and entrepreneurs work with SCORE Manasota mentors to hone their 90 second Quick Pitch to close out the day, with a special $250 Gift Card for Quick Pitch winner in age category 13 – 23 provided by KidBacker Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

BarCamp Events

Network and Learn

You never know what will be on deck here. These open networking events are focused on building strong community connections with practical business and technology applications for entrepreneurs. Hosted at Station 2 

BarCamp Afterhours

No agendas…just stimulating conversation with creative, intelligent and curious people. There are numerous BarCamp Afterhours in the area. Meetup Here. Pick one. Show up. Engage. Have fun.

BarCamp Unconference

Every attendee – no matter how old or young – has a story to tell and a particular expertise or passion. The schedule is created the day of the event with content created and delivered by attendees. Come prepared to learn and share as we all grow together.

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