Dino Eliadis – Understanding Strategy vs. Tactics: Focusing Your Business Action for Greater Impact

Dino Eliadis

There are two diverse skills that hinder a small business owner’s ability to achieve business success. They are the ability to think strategically and then to execute tactically. My belief is that those who profess to be strategic advisers over complicated strategy is so that it seems to be some mystical business idea, when in fact it’s pretty simple!

What complicates most of a business’ strategy is how many underlying functional strategies are necessary to support the company’s business model (another strategy!). With this as the starting point, this presentation focuses on developing an understanding what a strategy really is and how selection of a strategy actually drives the tactics which you would apply to achieve the desired result.

With three decades of leadership experience and MBA credentials, Dino has a passion for building and leading high performance teams for organizations both large and small. He uses teams to drive forward transitional projects for companies using his gift for problem solving and managing portfolios of projects toward a strategic goal with organizational change impacts at their core. Some examples include:

  • Improving profitability from 1.4% to 15.4% and total assets from $3.8 – $12.4 million during 2009 – 2011 for a portfolio of seven construction and real estate companies as an executive adviser to ownership.
  • Reducing a city’s project time-to-delivery with expected annual savings of $8.5 million. Led and facilitated all phases of standardized PMO strategy including governance, PM methods, PM tools requirements, and training across an entire municipality.

Dino’s talents best serve organizations which are looking to develop self-sustaining growth. The approach which he developed creates a culture where people are valued and employees are treated with dignity and respect. Such an environment allows major initiatives to rapidly move forward by developing highly motivated teams that achieve the organization’s goal while helping the team members achieve their own personal and professional objectives.



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April 5, 2014