Evie Totty – Livestreaming is the Future – are you There Presently?

Evie Totty

Social Media continues to expand by leaps and bounds. It seems like every day there’s a new platform. One thing that is platform independent is Livestreaming. From Periscope to Facebook Live to Instagram to Busker to the upcoming YouTube Live among others, they all have this in common: they are for Livestreaming. I’ll go over some basics to help your broadcasts look professional from the first time you hit the ‘Go Live!’ button.

Evie is an extroverted programmer from Alabama transplanted to South Florida. Her interests include all things pop culture, science and memes. She downloaded Periscope – a popular livestreaming platform – the day it was available for Android and joined PeriGirls (perigirls.com) a couple of weeks after it’s birth in June 2015. PeriGirls is the largest Periscope group with over 10,000 members, all women. Since then she’s become a leader in the group and has headed up many projects including the wildly successful, community-building Heart Tribes.

Her livestreaming story covers – but is not limited to – personal stories, pop culture news, teaching tech and singing PeriOke. Having over 1,000 broadcasts under her belt she still gets nervous pushing that red button – however she’s very aware livestreaming is the future and will not be left behind. Will you join her?


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April 11, 2017