Kidbacker Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Funding Kids So They Can Change the World
KidBacker Foundation for Entrepreneurship is a nonprofit organization committed to breaking down financial and educational barriers that prevent young people ages 10 to 25 from engaging in business and entrepreneurship.
Our mission is to offer business grants, academic scholarships and provide mentorship to qualified students 10 years and older so that they may learn how to start, launch, fund and run a business anytime, anywhere.
Developing entrepreneurial skills is as important for successfully launching and running a business as it is for overall professional success. Students who engage in entrepreneurship learn core values, build confidence, learn how to identify opportunity and take on risk to pursue a dream. It inspires students to take ownership of every aspect of their lives and unlike popular culture, to embrace failure as a healthy and critical part of their journey. Students who engage in entrepreneurship learn how to turn their passions into careers, whether as a founder or as a high value next generation employee.

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April 28, 2016