Greg Githens – Strategic & Agile Thinking: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Greg Githens

The key points of this presentation are: 1) strategic and agile thinking are a valued competencies, 2) strategic thinking is distinct from strategic planning, 3) strategic thinking can be learned.

Strategic thinking is a style of thinking that is often confused with creative thinking, systems thinking, and agile thinking. Greg will describe several examples of individual strategic thinkers , and show how you can improve your competencies.

Greg Githens helps executives turn vision into results through strategic initiatives, and will be speaking on how to close the #1 gap for the next generation of leaders: the need to think strategically.

Greg has been an invited speaker on six continents about the topics of strategy, leadership, decision making, risk, innovation, new product development and program management. He is highly sought after because he provides pragmatic insights and useful tools to help people do their job better. He is Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Innovation with Catalyst Management Consulting.


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April 5, 2014