HatchPad, a KidBacker Enterprises solution, is a personalized learning network and collaboration platform for students ages 13 to 23 who are involved in entrepreneurship, creative, and social impact projects. Using HatchPad, members can create vision boards, organize and project manage teams, collaborate, and crowdsource feedback, partners and mentors. Members can also raise money to support their ventures using HatchPad’s crowdfunding platform.

Hatchpad’s collaboration platform will launch in May 2016. Please sign up to be the first to know.

HatchPad’s portfolio includes:

  • HatchPad Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding for students ages 13 and older to support academic and business fundraising projects.
  • HatchPad: Collaborative ideation platform where student teams around the world can create, collaborate and discuss ideas, problems and opportunities culminating into viable businesses. (Launch April 2016)
  • KidBacker Foundation for Entrepreneurship: Our sister 501c3 creates online credentialed entrepreneurship curriculum and school programming and offers business seed grants and academic scholarships to proven student entrepreneurs.

HatchPad is located in sunny Sarasota, FL. Please email info@hatchpad.co to contact us.


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April 4, 2016