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Identity Stronghold

Walt Augustinowicz and Identity Stronghold, founded the RFID protection industry in 2005 when chips were still a concept.

From an early start with just Secure Sleeves® and a couple of contracts with the US Government for US Passport Cards and the Permanent Resident Card, Identity Stronghold is now known worldwide.  The company is still a favored supplier of Secure Sleeves and Secure Badgeholders® to the US Government and Secure Sleeves and Secure Wallets™ to consumers on its website:

Walt has applied his technological background and interests into a focus of informing all consumers of RFID weaknesses, and then providing protective products.  This focus has led to over 70 appearances on TV news shows like Fox and Friends, CNN, Anderson Cooper and numerous local and regional TV stations around the US. See a video – Straight Talk About RFID Myths.

IDSH is first and foremost a RFID-focused technology company.  As a result, IDSH has expanded its position in the RFID market and Walt Augustinowicz has become recognized as an industry expert and spokesperson.  From our inception, we have used our knowledge and understanding of RFID technology as a launching platform for our products.

Recently, IDSH has taken the QVC Shopping Channel by storm.  In November, Walt hosted eight (8) shows in one day – Today’s Special Value (TSV) and continues to be a regular guest host.

Our customers consistently favor our products because we understand the applicable technology.  Our internal knowledge drives our development and manufacturing processes.  We are not just sellers, we are developers with sales savvy.


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April 4, 2014