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Imaginary Mind

Imaginary Mind Productions is dedicated to providing the tools and techniques necessary for independent creatives to find success in the arts industries. Through professional development programs, support products and publishing, IMPCo teaches the art of business to those who seek to make their unique creative skills a profitable part of their lives.

IMPCo Brands Include:

Creatives’ Alliance
The Creatives’ Alliance is a professional organization for artists that assists their growth with relevant content, community building, mentoring and training. Members enjoy benefits such as networking, collaboration opportunities, skill-building and masterminding. From getting started to maintaining or switching a career in the arts, Creatives’ Alliance members can improve their focus, learn techniques for efficiency, marketing, creative thinking and more.
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CreativeMetro is a web-based tool that seeks to give exposure and connectivity to arts communities. Culture is defined by the way that community supports and recognizes its own arts sector. By offering a hub where all arts supporters can share and find key information within a city, better patronage and creativity are fostered. CreativeMetro hopes to build avenues for collaboration and support while offering a lifestyle element for those seeking to get more out of their life experiences.
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Itty Bitty Power Business™
Books and products designed to give the little independent guys the same vision, strategies and techniques as the ‘big guys’.


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April 3, 2014