Jackie Simmons

Jackie Simmons

Elephant Tamer – Professional

Jackie Simmons brings in the big guns when it comes to zeroing in on the mental & emotional blocks that create chaos in our personal & professional lives. Permanently resolving these blocks gives Jackie’s clients the freedom to grow their businesses, manage their time, generate more profits, and balance their lives.

As a speaker, Jackie skillfully identifies and then delivers the precise tools needed to tame the “Emotional Elephants” that plague businesses. Audiences grin, giggle and “GET IT” as Jackie takes them on “safari” to hunt down the infamous “Elephant in the Room”!

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As a leader, Jackie was nominated for the Equal Business Opportunity Awards and is the organizer of the Women Empowering Women Movement, which has over 800 members. She is also the founder of the No-Drama Society, a community devoted to building emotional resilience in the world.   With a solid 30+ year background in Mediation, Sales & Business Management, Human Resources Consulting, and eastern healing arts, Jackie brings a unique perspective into the entrepreneurial world.

As a trainer, she teaches How to STOP Fear in its Tracks, Stay Out of the Blame Game & Make More Money!


Jackie’s got an attitude! She believes: “It’s your ‘Elephant’!

That means it’s your job to tame it, train it and clean up after it!!”


Emotions run our lives, drive our decisions and push us into businesses we are passionate about.

Uncontrolled, emotions often ruin our lives as well!  Just like an elephant on a rampage, uncontrolled emotions trample our relationships and our profits!

These “Emotional Elephants” act like Inner-Saboteurs, sucking attention, time, talent & treasure away from our businesses. And just like real elephants, these pesky beasts often, repeatedly, leave behind piles of smelly stuff for us to clean-up, pulling us even farther away from our goals. Taming Emotional Elephants not only improves our business prospects, the resulting emotional control removes anxiety, depression, adhd, claustrophobia, ptsd, chronic overwhelm and feeling stuck – permanently!



Jackie Simmons





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April 4, 2014