Kyle Nurminen

Kyle Nurminen

Keep making a DIFFERENCE with WHAT you are doing!”


As the face of Crowther Roofing and Sheet Metal throughout the Tampa Bay Region, Kyle Nurminen was searching for a way to make a positive impact on his Regional Community. As “The Voice” of BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton, he become aware of this “Makers World” for the first time. It is through this network of Maker Spaces and their supporting agencies that he recognized an opportunity to not only drive interests toward establishing careers in the skilled trades to directly fuel his company’s future, but to advocate small business development as well, and help support the sector of our market that drives over 90% of our regional economy.

[pullquote]“All we need to do is organize this space from an unbiased perspective on a neutral platform. In doing so, we will demonstrate the Power of Strategic Doing and how other regions can drive their own economic development by bridging the gaps between local and county sectors and focusing strictly on the resources already in place to build their own communities from within.” – Kyle Nurminen[/pullquote]

The answer was and it’s mission was two-fold:

1.) By mapping the Maker Spaces throughout the Tampa Bay Region, we could provide a talent pool for Regional Companies like Crowther, Technical Schools, and Colleges with Entrepreneur Programs throughout the region while making the public aware of resources they may have never known existed. Schools and Employers could then team up to organize events on at these non-profit and voluntarily run locations to not only drive interests in the skills that drive their programs and businesses, but to help increase the member-ship and sponsorships that support them as well.

2.) Being that Makers come from all ages and varying levels of education. Many are only looking to go the Entrepreneur route and seek guidance in turning their concept into a business. Therefore, we would also map all the Co-working Spaces, Business Incubators & Accelerators, and Schools & Companies who open their doors for commercial-grade machinery for advanced prototype design. These are all resources for entrepreneurs—places where they are able to get their projects moving forward, whether getting setup on a structured program, or simply learning from others doing similar things, being set up with a mentor, preparing for investors, and eventually being connected to them as well.

“We will essentially create a new model for Economic Development that will focus on identifying and growing the seeds we already have in place rather than bringing them from elsewhere. This model will be duplicable so the rest of the nation can also benefit from our example. However, the Tampa Bay Region will ALWAYS be the FIRST Seed Region, and it shall forever retain the title of SeedRegion1!”


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April 23, 2016