Lee Jones – From Idea to Launch: How to create a software based product

Lee Jones

Lee’s topics will include:

  • – Defining a Minimal Viable Product that is aligned with your business goals.
  • – Creating a specification that clearly defines your objectives.
  • – Hiring the right team.
  • – Understanding the challenges with offshore outsourcing.
  • – Key contract items.
  • – Testing against acceptance criteria.
  • – Running a beta program.
  • – Launching your product.

Born in Sutton Coldfield, England, Lee was interested in technology from a very young age. Shortly after moving to America at age 12, he bought his first computer. Inspired by the possibilities computers presentment, he taught himself to write programs. By age 15 he was writing software professionally and has since gained fluency in over 12 different programming languages.

Lee currently leads Clear Idea Labs, a Lean Startup focused custom software development company specializing in mobile and web based solutions. Clear Idea has worked with the who’s who of America’s technology giants including Motorola, Computer Associates and Adobe but largely focuses their time on delivering cutting edge solutions for technology-based startups.


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April 4, 2014