Barter Sarasota organization NuBarter was established September 10, 2002. Its purpose is to assist businesses in attaining new cash customers, increase cash flow and profitability, reduce cash expenditures and save companies’ needed cash reserves.

The goal of NuBarter is to be the easiest company in the world to do business with by providing the goods and services requested by the member of the exchange in a timely and responsible manner.

Hundreds of barter companies facilitate the exchange of goods and services among millions of businesses and professional clients each year. NuBarter, however, operates quite differently than most barter companies. There are many pitfalls to look out for when engaging in barter transactions.

The founders of NuBarter have experienced these pitfalls from both sides of the proverbial fence and, therefore, devised failsafe methods around them. Trading between members is conducted only after the goods and services are ready and available. It will be impossible for members to be holding a surplus of unspent barter dollars.

All companies are given an established amount of credit. Bartering is limited and monitored in order to assist companies in attaining their financial goals. NuBarter assists companies with the formation of a barter strategy, including their goals and objectives, to insure the success of their transactions.

The use of barter is an effective cost cutting tool, when used correctly and responsibly. It can be used as an alternative source for financing, building profits, establishing cash flow and saving needed cash reserves.


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April 5, 2014