Richard Randolph – Use the Kano Model to Differentiate Your Products and Services

Richard Randolph

How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? In this Workshop, Participants will identify the “Must Be”, “Linear”, “Indifferent” and “Delighter” elements of their offer, and discover which add no distinction as well as those that positively delight Customers and Clients. They will also learn the best – and worst – places to invest in their product/service offering. Participants will learn to identify how they can satisfy – then delight their Customers and Clients to build long-term loyalty and retention.

Richard Randolph has taught Business Creativity since 1985. Founder of the Florida Creativity Centers, Richard works with small and mid-sized business owners, nonprofit organizations, schools and agencies to improve their creative impact. His workshops empower entrepreneurs and organizations to be more creative in a focused and practical way! Participants gain actionable Creativity skills to differentiate themselves from competition, to create breakthrough innovations in products and services, and do so profitably.


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April 6, 2014