Rocket Burns

Rocket Burns

Hello. I’m Rocket Burns. Yes, that’s my real name! I enjoy working with electronics, such as robotics, high voltage, analog and digital circuitry, etc. In fact, I have recently built a 3D printer, computer, and Arcade! I also do quite a lot of programming. I just started a company, Rocket3D, that will sell 3D printer kits for under $100. I designed these printers from the ground up and as a result of that have gained a vast sum of knowledge in the field of 3D printer design and assembly. I have experience designing/building both Delta and Cartesian systems as well as several different firmware and control options.

At BarCamp & DaVinci’s Faire, we’ll explore designing a 3D printer from scratch, which sounds like a really complicated endeavor. In reality, its just like baking a cake. Using that analogy, we’ll talk about the core elements of 3D printer design (including the framework, actuation, extrusion system, and software) you’ll walk away with an understanding of how the major elements in a 3D printer function, as well as how they all work together with one another.

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Rocket Burns
Founder of Rocket3D


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April 23, 2016