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    This is a volunteer Tampa Bay Regional 3.0 Leadership Project to demonstrate the power of Strategic Doing and give our own existing seeds a chance to grow.
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    The concept behind SeedRegion1 began to develop after recognizing one of the challenges economic development organizations face while attempting to attract large businesses to the Tampa Bay Region. In theory, by bringing in large, well established companies, we can provide more job opportunities for our residents, and thus, increase our chances of retaining our own intellectual property. What we lack, however, is the means to showcase that talent and demonstrate to these larger companies that we indeed have a community that not only supports their business, but also has the ability to strengthen it.

    With this in mind, we considered building a platform that highlighted projects throughout the region where people were making innovative accomplishments in new design, product development, and business development. Our mission would be to create a platform that would demonstrate that the Tampa Bay Region is a viable area for relocation as it provides a unique and very talented workforce for incoming businesses.

    However, we quickly came to realize how much more of an impact such a platform could make directly to our OWN community and the businesses that already exist HERE. This “talent pool” would provide a resource for existing area businesses to seek out and hire new employees from right here within our regional community. Not only that, but it would also serve as an asset to area colleges seeking candidates for advanced education –which in turn, will become an asset for those same companies. In essence, we would be creating a platform that has the potential to greatly increase the success rate of our own residents by exposing them to more educational opportunities to fit their specific set of skills, and then provide them job opportunities that will allow them to stay here while pursuing a career.

    As SeedRegion1 further evolved, we began to establish a database. What we discovered was a segment of our population that consisted of people from all backgrounds, education levels, and financial status, who came together as passionate creatives looking for a way to make their vision a reality – either to enhance their skills to advance their career, or to establish their own business. And to this point, for what we know of this “Maker’s World”, it has yet to be considered as an asset to region-wide economic development.

    It is our contention that it certainly should be, for within this community, there is a wealth of new talent and startup ideas that have the potential to develop into small businesses with high growth potential. And, being that small businesses account for over 90% of our economy, it is becoming more evident that promoting entrepreneurism and the development of small business plays a vital role in economic development. Therefore, combined with the platform objectives previously mentioned, we decided that SeedRegion1 needed to be an informational resource – a listing of all Maker, Co-Working, Incubator, & Education Spaces that support entrepreneurism and the development of small business from the point of idealization.

    SeedRegion1.Com will connect our talented residents with the resources they will need to turn their visions into reality. They are the seeds; they just need an opportunity to grow. If we can do this successfully, we should no longer have a need to steal everyone else’s entrepreneurs. Rather, we will be gathering, growing, and harvesting the resources that exist right here, right now.

    Our mission is to strengthen our OWN educational system, expand our OWN local businesses, and create NEW ones while serving as an example to other regions the progresses that can be made by turning WITHIN rather than reaching OUT. And yes, by creating a duplicable model for economic development, there MAY be other Seed Regions developing in the future, but the Tampa Bay Region will ALWAYS be SeedRegion1.

    Recognize it;
    Pool it;
    Grow it;
    Harvest it;
    THEN showcase it!

    — #SeedRegion1

    This is a voluntary, not-for-profit, 3.0 Leadership initiative designed to demonstrate the power of Strategic Doing.

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April 22, 2016