Station 2 Innovation

Station 2 Innovation

Station 2 is a cool, collaborative coworking community. What makes Station 2 great? You do! The simple fact that Strategic Doing learningwe’re a community sets Station 2 apart from other shared offices/workspaces – that, and the fact that we don’t have private offices available.

At Station 2 Innovation our mission is to be a catalyst for business growth. Stronger business growth means more jobs, higher wages, and a rich environment to attract entrepreneurs and capital for building new businesses in the region.

Through coworking – bringing people together to work in a shared space – we are creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work. Community events educate, empower and develop entrepreneurs. Business incubation programming, access to advisors and mentors, and preparation for funding accelerates and strengthens business growth. Soft landing services attract companies expanding into the region and fast track their entry into this marketplace.

As a collaborative place to learn, work, and grow – Station 2 is a place where students connect with business, and where entrepreneurs can find co-founders to start companies and learn what they need to succeed. Incubator clients are paired with mentors having industry-specific experience and have also access to strategic planning, capital strategies, legal and financial guidance and services, marketing and sales advice, human resources experts and technology resources.

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Our Founders

Stan Schultes and Sara Hand of Spark Growth are the founders and developers of Station 2 Innovation.

Peter Nealis of Taft Law – Founding Board member and team player!

Our History

0319 old station 2 BStation 2 is housed in a historic building that was at one time the town hall for the historic Village of Manatee. Long ago this location was the end of the Cracker Trail, just east of old historic Bradenton. It was a happening place to be, where south Florida cowboys (known as ‘Crackers’ for the sound of their whips) would drive their herds to be loaded aboard boats and rail for transportation and sale to Cuba and elsewhere. After the cowboys had been paid for driving their cattle clear across the state, many were ready for celebration, adding to the colorful stories that abound in this part of Florida.

Here founder Stan Schultes shares our story with ABC 7’s Linda Carson in a Historic Manatee TV segment.


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April 22, 2016