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Stephen Supe

At BOSI Global, we have discovered through years of research that all entrepreneurs are not the same.  We have discovered what we call Entrepreneurial DNA. That people are wired differently entrepreneurially.  Specifically, entrepreneurs are primarily Builders, Opportunists, Specialists or Innovators. Each DNA comes with their own giftings and strengths in business, as well as weaknesses that affect them personally and professionally. We would do a deep-dive into what these are and how to compensate for these areas.

One way an entrepreneur can compensate is by finding a partner with a complimentary DNA, which can really strengthen a company.  This takes finding a co-founder to another level. By teaming up makers and innovators are connected with the right Entrepreneurial DNA, great things can happen. This will also be shared with the audience.

The Entrepreneurial DNA also goes into what motives an entrepreneur at the business decision-making level. Some desire to change the world with their innovative products; others are content with a certain level of personal income, while others thirst for seemingly endless growth. Similarly some desire to be a SME in their industry, but struggle to stand out in their market; others want to be in the ‘right place at the right time’ to make a load of cash quickly so that can enjoy early retirement.

(If you watch BOSI Global founder, Joe Abraham’s Ted Talk at  I will be sharing the content from the talk and much, much more, depending on time available.)

Stephen Supe has been a successful entrepreneur for almost 20 years. In those years, Stephen has owned four successful companies.  Most recently in 2008 he teamed up with two co-founders to start a property preservation company.  Three years later, they were the largest regional preservation company in the country and had a multi-state operation.  At the peak, the company serviced 30,000 work orders per month, and had over 150 people in their organization. Stephen and his partners also launched a technology company that built a proprietary SaaS platform to service the contractor industry. Both companies were acquired in 2012. Since then, Stephen has been advising CEOs on high-growth operational and logistics strategy and now operates BOSI’s Florida office. He lives in Bradenton, FL.


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April 5, 2014