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Jackie’s got an attitude! She believes: “It’s your ‘Elephant’!

That means it’s your job to tame it, train it and clean up after it!!”

Jackie Simmons brings in the big guns when it comes to zeroing in on “Emotional Elephants” – those mental & emotional blocks that create chaos in our personal & professional lives. Permanently resolving these blocks gives Jackie’s clients the freedom to grow their businesses, manage their time, generate more profits, and balance their lives.

Be prepared to grin, giggle and “GET IT” as Jackie takes us on “safari” to hunt down the infamous “Elephant in the Room”!

As a leader, Jackie was nominated for the Equal Business Opportunity Awards and is the organizer of the Women Empowering Women Movement, which has over 800 members. She is also the founder of the No-Drama Society, a community devoted to building emotional resilience in the world.   With a solid 30+ year background in Sales & Business Management, Human Resources Consulting, Mediation and eastern healing arts, Jackie brings a unique perspective into the entrepreneurial world.

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April 22, 2016