Sara HandSara Hand is a visionary force and recognized leader regionally and across Florida in connecting and facilitating collaborative efforts with Entrepreneurial Support Organizations, community-based initiatives and traditional economic development organizations to cultivate innovation and creativity in business, technology, education and the arts. Sara is a founder of Spark Growth, an enterprise that initiates, develops and implements solutions to business development opportunities identified through this ambassador-like position with multiple organizations and initiatives. As a co-founder of BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton and past president of the Sarasota Chapter of the Gulf Coast Venture Forum, she has created a movement that really speaks to what community is and can be. Although not on the same block, members in this community purpose to work together to make a difference in the initiatives that present themselves to members of the group.

Sara’s background and experience across a variety of industries in the public and private sectors and dual leadership roles in many vibrant community initiatives uniquely position her to help entrepreneurs succeed and startups prosper. She has the ability to very quickly identify the unique value proposition a business, organization, or individual possesses – their ideal market, ways to optimize revenue models, how to refine their messaging to connect with prospects and how to broadcast that message creatively. Identified profit-opportunities are coupled with pragmatic planning and the systems and tools necessary to exploit those opportunities. For entrepreneurs and business owners at all stages of development this is information crucial to their success.