The Open Source Revolution – Report From the Front

You probably hear a lot of noise about the Open Source revolution. Maybe you even decided to participate in it for religious (in the anti-Microsoft techie sense), financial (free stuff!) or practical (we had ready access to a Linux geek) reasons.

Whatever your reasons, staying in the battle requires real determination. Joe Grim is one loon who has stayed in the battle. He has implemented telecom, ERP, database, virtual machine and network infrastructure solutions entirely on Linux Open Source platforms running on dirt-cheap hardware. These are not science projects – they are production systems that people depend on every day.

Come and listen to war stories from the Open Source Revolution. If you have a few of your own, please bring them and share them with the group.

Joe Grim somehow managed to pull off an electrical engineering degree from the University of Colorado and also holds a Moon Bat Airhead (MBA) degree from Colorado State University. He toiled for Honeywell Corporation and Hewlett-Packard for decades and now works in one of the world’s smallest corporations.

Joe has guest-lectured at Colorado State University on the sometimes destructive aspects of mismatched corporate cultures and the non-glamorous sides of entrepreneurship.